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About Sri Lalitha Samrajya Pattabishekam

Our Shyamala Sathsanga Mandali founder, Guru Champakambika, innovatively introduced the practice of conducting Pujas based on the Srividya Upasana, traditionally confined to homes and temples, within the broader community, thereby enabling widespread participation and inspiration.

Since Champakambika’s inception, these ceremonies have continued to be embraced by the community. Each year, adhering to the original customs of the Shyamala Sathsanga Mandali Pratyaksha Pujas and guided by the spiritual wisdom of our revered Sri Guru, the Mandali commemorates various significant events.

Last year saw the celebration of Sri Kameshwara Kameshwari Thirukalyana Vaibhavam, starting with Ambal Avirbhavam leading to her union with Kameswara.

Continuing this tradition, this year we honor the occasion of Bandasura Vadha and Lalitha Samrajya Pattabishekam (Empire coronation), symbolizing the dissolution of ego and the realization of divine essence within us, scheduled for April 23 and 24, 2024, at Sri Krishnaswamy Kalyana Mandapam, T Nagar, Chennai.

On the morning of April 23, Srividya Navavarna Pooja will commence, followed by Prathaksha Thithi Nithya Pooja and Gurumandala Pooja in the afternoon, starting around 3 pm.

Following the Prathyaksha Pooja, the students of Silambam School of Dance Bangalore will perform a Sangeetha Natya Upanyasam on Bandasura Vadha, followed by the prathyaksha Bandasura Vadha, akin to how temples conduct soora samharam. The day concludes with Bandasura’s union with Goddess Sri Lalitha.

The next morning, preceding the Pattabishekam Homam, rituals including Kala Homam, Simhasana Homam, Kreeda Homam, and Avarna Homam will be performed, followed by Pooja to the Simhasana (throne) where Ambal will be seated, Kreeda Pooja, and Sengol Pooja. The Mandali has specially crafted a silver Kreedom and Sengol to be offered to Goddess Lalitha Maha Tripurasundari on this special occasion.

After the Homam, Ambal will perform Ananda Thandava and take her seat on the Throne. The Silver Kreedom and Sengol will then be offered to her, followed by Pancha Vadhyam, Vedha Gosham, Music, Dance, and other upacharas.

This event is dedicated to the well-being of all creation and the bestowal of peace and prosperity upon the people.

Following the Pattabishekam, participants will engage in Lalitha Sahasranama Kumkumarchana. The contribution for participation in the Kumkumarchana is Rs.2000/- per person. Those participating in the Kumkumarchana will receive a silver Guru Yantra Pendant and tamboolam as prasada, followed by Annadhanam.

For further information, please contact Srividya Sayeeraman at 9283161218 or Sayeeraman at 9282239277.

We Can’t Wait To Celebrate With You!

Join us in celebrating the auspicious occasion of Sri Lalitha Samrajya Pattabhishekam, and together, let’s seek blessings of Sri Lalitha Maha Tripura Sundari.