About Us:

The Shyamala Sathsanga Mandali is a Hindu spiritual group dedicated to spreading the teachings of Srividya Upasana, Sangeetha, Bhajans, Vedas and Vedanta, which focus on self-realization through the perspectives of Vedas, Upanishads, and other Srividya scriptures. The organization welcomes individuals interested in spirituality and the study of Tatvas at no cost.

Established in 1945 by Sri Champakambika (Smt. Janaki Natarajan), who learnt Srividya and Vedanta from her Sathguru Sri Chidanandanathar (Sri. Nediminti Subramanya Iyer) and her mother Swamini Bhagavathyamba, the Shyamala Sathsanga Mandali began as a center for learning in Kanchipuram before relocating to Madras (Chennai). Since then, the organization has upheld its authenticity under Champakambika’s guidance, offering teachings such as Japa, Upasana, Sathsanga, bhajan, and classes.

Every year, the institution commemorates Champakambika’s initiation day on Chitra Poournami as its annual pooja drawing disciples from around the globe to celebrate in a grand manner apart from performing other Poojas like Champakambika Aradhana, Guru Poornima, Chidanandanathar Aradhana and Champakambika Jayanthi. Currently, the leadership of the Shyamala Sathsanga Mandali is overseen by Sri Gagananandanathar and Gaganambika (Sri Sayeeraman and Smt Srividya Sayeeraman), following the directives of their Guru Champakambika.

Guru Parampara