About Us:

The origin of Shyamala Sathsanga Mandali can be traced back to the founder of this Mandali Sri. Champakambika (Janaki Natarajan).  She was one of the Prathama sishyas of Sri. Chithanandha (Sri Nediminti Subramania Iyer), the founder of Guhanandha Mandali. He had the desire to propagate the teachings and philosophies to the upasaka community. This desire made Sri Champakambika to start Shyamala Sathsanga Mandali in which she started taking free classes of slokas, etc. thereby inscribing the srividya upasana into the minds of the devotees.

Sri Champakambika had sishyas all over the world who would contribute for the Chitra Pournami Poojas being conducted on a yearly basis and thus Shyamala Sathsanga Mandali has grown to heights. Some of the poojas performed includes Navavarna Pooja, Sri Lalitha Thrisathi Prathyaksha Pooja, Sahasra Suvasini Pooja to mention a few.

After Sri Champakambika’s period, this Mandali was taken over by her daughter Kameswaryamba (Shanthakumari Santhanam) for a period of over 25 years.  Now the mantle has been passed on to her daughter and son-in-law Gagananantha sametha Ganagambika (Sayeeraman & Srividya Sayeeraman) in the year 2020.